The Blockbuster Awards

Justin and JC looked FUCKING FINE. They just did. Fuck. ing. Fine. Damn it.

Too bad they had to talk and ruin it.

There were a couple of slashy moments between them, too. Little looks.

When they were on stage with Cheri O'Teri, JC called her limber, and Justin laughed a little too hard at that. He's obviously either had lots of practice pretending his boyfriend is funny, or JC's fucking good in bed and Justin's kissing his ass in the hopes that the favor will be returned, or they're in a fight and Justin is trying to earn brownie points.

Or he was on drugs. I refuse to believe that anyone actually thought that was funny.

The leprechaun stayed in between them the whole time. He's got to be there to make sure they don't just start fucking right there in the middle of the aisle, or the red carpet, or on stage, or in a bathroom stall, or wherever.

Fucking Leprechaun. Oh, well.

Justin was wearing yet another insanely ugly ensemble made of peices of old jeans. Who lied and told him that was cool? I don't want to have to start calling him "Patches", but I will if I have to. If he makes me.

JC's jacket was cool. He was nominated for "Best Dressed". I wasn't aware that his outfit matched, and I thought it was just a little too ironic and hilarious that JC would EVER be nominated for "Best Dressed". But, yhea, I voted for him.

A few other notes:

Drew Barrymore said she and Tom Green were married. Rad.

Christina Aguliera looked like a clown hooker. It was cool, in a scary way.

Ricky Martin looked very fuckable.

Nsync won some awards. That was good. Creed performed. That wasn't.

But Joe and Mystikal fucking kicked ASS. That was SUCH a fucking cool performance.

And to wrap it up, let me just stress one more time: JUSTIN AND JC LOOKED HOT AS HELL.