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[AU Shorts]

Lame Party
Disclaimer:Very untrue. Dedication: To Boredom and Lame Parties. Synopsis: Schoolboy obsession.

like a waking limb
Disclaimer: Stop it, you're embarrassing yourself. Dedication: To Anne. PINJA POWER! Synopsis: *Nsane in the Loony Bin.

A Good Reason To Die
Disclaimer: Just kill me and get it over with. Dedication: To MYSELF, for being A GOD AMONG MEN. Synopsis: The Assassin!AU.

Dress Slutty And Hope For The Best
Disclaimer: DRUNK. Dedication: To my OTP, for being RIGHT. Synopsis: The Rentboy/Stripper AU. A badfic plot gone wild. good. less bad.


Favorite Hate
Disclaimer: This is as real as I am sane. Dedication: To Red, may the empire's reign be long and prosperous.

Soul One
Disclaimer: Maybe it is, or maybe it isn't. Or maybe it just isn't. Dedication: To Rick, my Manimal, my Sprinkles. My nemesis.
Muse-ic: Soul One by Blind Melon

Disclaimer: Not even a little. Warning:Contains JuNi, at Pen's request. Dedication: To Guin, with lotsa birfday lurve and gropings.

You Make Me Feel Like A Whore
Disclaimer: You make me feel like a liar. Dedication: To Joiekinigetyouadrinkofwater, for her birfday. With LURVE.
Muse-ic: You Make Me Feel Like A Whore by Everclear

Girl Clothes
Disclaimer: NO. Dedication: To Ja, of course! Happy Birfday to the Baby. With lots of lurve and good wishes.
Author's Notes: Many thanks to the Crazy Bitches, Good Luck in all your adventures. I hope you don’t get arrested.

Just a Kiss
Disclaimer: Nope. Yes would be nice, but Nope. Dedication: To Nik, for her birfday! You thought you’d gotten away without a fic, didja? YOU WISH! Pfft! Lurve you too much, Miz Nik. We’ll have a funkin’ good time in the retirement home (i.e. vanity canes)

Disclaimer: Ha! Dedication: To the Lords of Hell, always. and especially Nik, for letting me force her to be my beta.

Kind of Sad
Disclaimer: Lies! All lies!!! Warning: Although still JuC, this fic contains Timbertrick, TrickyKitty, and peanuts.Dedication: To the Lords of Hell, I'm sorry. Especial lurve to Joie (You're the Comma Nazi, I'm a Comma Chameleon...we're made for each other) and Guin (who shares my hate...girl, you should be mah girlfriend).
Muse-ic: It's Been Awhile by Stain'd

That Kind of Boy
Disclaimer: No, thank god. Dedication: To Rick, because he's the best. I miss you. Happy Birfday.

Dream Sequence
Disclaimer: Not if I can help it. VMA 2002 fic Dedication: To the boy who has everything, I give you slash, JuC and stuff.

Is It Live Or Is It Memorex?
Disclaimer: Britney's fucked up, but maybe not this fucked up.Dedication: To all you Stupid!Girls. May you ride the minty slopes of passion all the was to Multiple Ficgasm City.

Disclaimer: How many times do I have to tell you?! NO MEANS NO! Dedication: To Guin, on her birfday. Because I lurve her. Hope good things happen to you. (The bad things can happen to the 82 year old.) Note: 2002 VMA fic, not related to "Dream Sequence".

Disclaimer: Isn't true. Dedication: To my intelligent feedbackers. Y'all are cool.

Disclaimer: Lance says it's true, but you know him. Dedication: To Guin, because she's a bad influence. And to Nik, because she feels my lamb-slappin' pain. Warning: Contains implied Lamblove but is still JuC (Ew, Lamblove. I barf)

That Simple
Disclaimer: No, no. Dedication: To You. Yes, YOU! Because you're special. Warning: Fatass/JoLa fic. also contains JuC, o'course.

The Face in Your Dreams of Glass
Disclaimer: Pfft. Dedication: To Michael Ealy and my Justin Demons.

Disclaimer: Pure fantasy. Dedication: To my fairy webmistress, Eri, on her birfday! Warning: PWP!

What It Means
Disclaimer: You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Dedication: To Joie, on another happy birfday! LURVE.

Disclaimer: This is all just play pretend. Dedication: To Rick, who IS A SLUT.

When It's Over
Disclaimer: It's not real. Dedication: To Ja, the baby, on her birthday. Good wishes and lots of lurve and all that crap!

Sitting In A Tree
Disclaimer: First comes title, then comes disclaimer, then comes slash that is totally fictitious. Dedication: To the howler monkey that sings "I just want to love ya, bay-bee, yhea, ooh!" on "Like I Love You".

Me and My Gun
Disclaimer: I'm so convincing with this gun in my hand. Dedication: To Queen Lisa. For giving me this title so fucking long ago.

Disclaimer: Just fucked up. Warning: Lance POV. And did I mention the part about it being fucked up? Dedication: To B-Dog. Because DOGFACE is the perv.

Disclaimer: *Russian chick in Chicago voice* Not guilty. Warning: JC POV. For Joie's Norah Jones Songfic Challenge Dedication: To everyone who helped, and Norah Jones for being amazing.

Disclaimer: Faker than Minnie's orgasms. Dedication: Infinite thanks to all the people who helped beta. Y'all rock.

Disclaimer: Get real. It's not. Warning: JuC, of course, but JoeC, too. Dedication: To all the folks that keep me in the fandom.


Disclaimer:Too short to be real. Note: Drabbles are little snippets that are exactly 100 words long.

Disclaimer:Negatory, Space Ghost. Dedication:To my fairy webmistress, Eri. You're the best!

Disclaimer:Still Not Real. Dedication:For Den. Because you lifted your eyebrow.

[AU Series]

--Fade Into You--
The Raver!sync AU
The Mighty Beast: FICZILLA! For JuC Day 3/18/03

The Boarding School AU
beautiful splash page by Erikins



Disclaimer: I WISH.

Dedication: to all the mIRC crew. This crap's for you :) from the Nice, Quiet One.

Part Two: Cocoon
Dedication: to Aylex, who was taught to tongue-fuck by JC. I taught him.

Part Three: Butterfly
Dedication: to Tiffany, cause how could I resist JC with whipped cream on top?

--Strange As Angels--

Disclaimer: Only real to me and my imaginary friends.

Part One: Just Like Heaven
Dedication: To the Lords of Hell, of course. Don't fuck with us. And especially China, for being my first :-P
Muse-ic: "Just Like Heaven" by the Cure.



[Bunnycakes: The Freaky Fetish Series]
Written with co-author, Lisa.

Preface: How Bunnycakes Came To Be

Baby Love and sequel Getting Your Groove On Goo-Goo Style
by Lisa
Rating: R for innuendo and oh such shame. Dedication: This one is for the Feedback Royalty, cause we- uh, they're oh so wacked out. You're so vain, you probably think this story's about you.... Disclaimer: Very Untrue...Very. Also, I do not own the members of NSync, nor do I know their sexual preferences and what they do for fun. Hmmm, I have ideas though.

Rough Night
by Cody
Disclaimer: This Happened. I was there. I took pictures. Disclaimer #2: I'm full of shit. Dedication: to Queen Lisa, who has inspired much insanity in CodyWorld. Damn, I love you, you crazy bitch. WARNING: This is smutty, fucked-up, and just plain wrong. Turn back now, for the sake of your immortal soul.

Come Inside
by Lisa
Rating: NC-17, for well...what else? Dedication: To Cody, for being my lover, my friend, and my soul mate, and for helping me get in touch with my inner-Perv. Yeah. They say we're young and we don't know, won't find out until we-, yeah. Disclaimer: Like the rest of the series, this involves a fetish of some sort, so beware of possible kink. Also, not for the kiddies. Oh! Oh!..and fiction.

[Fic On Crack]
Written with co-author, Dani.

Chinese Fighting Fish
Dedication: To the crazy guy on Bourbon St (Make a Hole!) and the Giggle Crew.

Sammy or Samie?
Dedication: To Jamie and her Codybear. And the rhinestone cowboy.

JSN: Joie Remix
Disclaimer: Joie's a bad influence. She sent me feedback containing the line: "The *fuck* you are! Get over here, bitch, and let me kiss you!" ...and that set me off. The rest is insanity inspired by that. Warning: This is the same story with a different, cracked out ending. Dedication: To Justin and The Virgin Mary, who are best buds and beatbox together in their spare time, at least, according to *some* people.


The Morning After
Okay, for those of you who don't know what mprov is... it's where people give you words and you have to make up a story on the spot. Jordy got me to do it for the first time tonight. I wanted to try it, but she actually got me to go through with it. It was my first time, so sorry that it sucks :-P WARNING: Contains dirty het/girlparts humor. I know...shiver me timberlakes. Dedication: to Jordy, cause I love the abuse. Would you like some making fuck? BEZERKER!

A Manwich Just Isn't A Manwich Without Man-Mayonnaise
This one is really short and stupid. It was just a quick thing I did. Lisa gave me the words. Dedication: to Pen, for all the evil pictures you send me.

This was done very late at night, and I was tired as hell, so that's my excuse. It makes no sense at all, just pure nonsense. Dedication: to all the fake bitches, One Love.

Shakespeare in Hate
Okay. my friend (Chris)Bagwan is in from college. We did an mprov together. Here is it. If it's insane, we blame the intoxicants. If it sucks, we blame god. My parts are in light blue, Bagwan's parts are in bright blue. Dedication: We dedicate this to Chilli Bowl, cause that's how you build an empire, baby!