All fiction contains JC/Justin as the primary or secondary pairing. Additional pairings noted.

[AU Shorts]

Lame Party Schoolboy obsession.
like a waking limb *Nsane in the looney bin. Joey/Lance
A Good Reason To Die The Assassin!AU.
Dress Slutty And Hope For The Best The Rentboy/Stripper AU. JC/Chris


River MMC-era.
Me and My Gun Justin/Lance
Liar Justin/Lance
Lonestar for Joie's Norah Jones Songfic Challenge
Get JC/Joey
Just a Kiss
What It Means
You Make Me Feel Like A Whore
Pet Justin/Nick Carter
Kind of Sad Justin/Chris
That Simple Joey/Lance
When It's Over
Girl Clothes
That Kind of Boy
Is It Live Or Is It Memorex?
Sitting In A Tree
Dream Sequence
SickSexSin deviant!Lance/underaged boys

[AU Series]

--Fade Into You--
The Raver!sync AU
The Mighty Beast: FICZILLA! For JuC Day 3/18/03

The Boarding School AU
beautiful splash page by Erikins



Part One: Caterpillar
Part Two: Cocoon
Part Three: Butterfly


Part One: Just Like Heaven
Part Two: Wouldn't It Be Nice
Part Three: Angel Skin

[Bunnycakes: The Freaky Fetish Series]
Written with co-author, Lisa.

Preface: How Bunnycakes Came To Be

Baby Love and sequel Getting Your Groove On Goo-Goo Style by Lisa
Rough Night by Cody
Come Inside by Lisa


Drabbles exactly 100 words long.
The Face in Your Dreams of Glass

[Fic On Crack]

Chinese Fighting Fish written with Dani.
Sammy or Samie? written with Dani.
JSN: Joie Remix Just Say No with a different, cracked out ending.


The Morning After
A Manwich Just Isn't A Manwich Without Man-Mayonnaise
Shakespeare in Hate Okay. my friend (Chris)Bagwan is in from college. We did an mprov together. If it's insane, we blame the intoxicants. If it sucks, we blame god. My parts are in light blue, Bagwan's parts are in bright blue.

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