"Boo Hoo, I'm So Misunderstood!"
by Cody

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I don't know why the popular assumption seems to be that like a waking limb was inspired by Girl, Interrupted, because it wasn't. Not even a little bit. It was inspired somewhat by Wally Lambís I Know This Much Is True, Sylvia Plathís The Bell Jar, Max Rabinowitzís The Day They Scrambled My Brains at the Funny Factory, and Ken Keseyís One Flew Over the Cuckooís Nest. It was also inspired by some really powerful Incubus lyrics, thus the title and header quote. And Iím sure, somewhere deep down, by the I Drive Myself Crazy video. But mainly, it was inspired by crazy people Iíve met.

I donít really get why people make the Girl connection, except for that they both take place in a mental institution. And in both, there is a character afflicted with anorexia/bulimia. But my character doesnít eat chicken and hide the bones and kill herself; he just fucks Justin and gains weight and goes home! And yhea, he has his rude moments, but thatís only when provoked. Besides which, most anorexics being forced to recover? Usually not the least irritable of people.

I donít think badly (or bitterly) of anyone thatís compared or made a connection between my fic and Girl, but I felt the need to clarify this matter because, frankly, the idea that people thought I would be inspired by that book was unbearable. But Iím definitely not trying to bash anyone that made that connection, especially if you linked my story on your site. I am only flattered that you enjoyed my work, and like any creation submitted for public consumption, it is open to interpretation by each individual.

Sorry for being a jackass, but put yourself in my position. If you found that every time a creation of yours was linked, it was done so with a description of it as inspired by something it wasnít inspired by, and of which you werenít particularly a fan, youíd probably want to have your say, too. And to give credit where it was due, and nowhere other.

This whole thing probably came off really asshole-y and pretentious, didnít it? Well, shit. I tried.

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