How Bunnycakes Came To Be

On AIM, late one night, a fateful conversation took place...the result of which ended up being the first story in the "Bunnycakes: the Freaky Fetish Series". Clinguppy is my AIM sn, and Lisa's has been changed to protect the...not-that-innocent. Lisa, as you know, actually wrote the damn thing, and it was properly disturbing and hilarious. So it was decided that an entire series of disturbing-fetish fics be written, and Bunnycakes was born.


Lisa: JC fetched a bottle of baby powder and a clean diaper from the drawer. Walking back over to the young man, he reached down and fingered his hair, "Don't roll over Justy, be good for Daddy." A giggle left Justin's mouth as JC tickled his inner thigh softly, "Let's get you out of these yucky shorts and into a nice pamper ok?"

Lisa: fuck no, I cannot write about that..sorry man lol

clinguppy: DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

clinguppy: OH MY GOD LMMFAO

Lisa: Ain't gonna happen..I tried..lets leave it for my special, deranged mind k lol

clinguppy: it'd be awesome lmao

Lisa: I wouldn't last through it...I dunno, maybe I'll try...who the fuck wants to read that?

clinguppy: it'd be true fiction on crack!!!!

Lisa: hmmm

Lisa: I dunno...I might go into descriptions...that's scary

clinguppy: it'll be awesome

clinguppy: lmao!!!!!

Lisa: I just don't see people considering it's sick...JC giving Justin bottles of milking, changing him, wiping his ass, giving baby sponge baths, Justin's love of nakie time

clinguppy: awesome lmao

Lisa: no no, I'm sick...I've accepted it...let me not spread my disease to a group of others

clinguppy: no come on lmao

clinguppy: nakie time *LMMFAO*



Lisa: maybe

Lisa: I'll try and think about it before I go to bed....actually I've been thinking about it for days already...but during busy times..

clinguppy: lmao

Lisa: I just read a crazy, messed up story

clinguppy: about?...

Lisa: JC, getting tortured and raped by this crazy man....

clinguppy: whoa

Lisa: and its supernatural...he summons this Godlike flying thing to get JC, then when hes done raping him he tells the thing to eat him

clinguppy: lol

Lisa: just found a pic of Justin playing horsey with Joey..and JC standing by watching..

clinguppy: gross, joey!

Lisaswg22: night, I'm beat.

clinguppy: me, too. night.

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