Date: march 18 2001
words: Sisqo bit my butt, Lance!, beautiful lips, hair balls, snot-nosed punk, JC's got one tight ass

* ** * ** *

The Morning After
by Cody

* ** * ** *

"So, how'd everything go last night?" Christina asked Lance, sitting in his lap.

"You tell me." Lance laughed, "You were there."

"I mean after I left." Christina slid out of his lap and went to the fridge,"Want some OJ?"

"Sure. Just half a glass." He watched her pour the drink, then took it from her. "Thanks...You could have stayed, you know. The more, the merrier."

"But, Sisqo bit my butt, Lance!" Christina frowned, rubbing her ass, "and it fucking hurt!"

"Yhea, he's a biter." Lance agreed. "Did you have fun without me?"

"I had tons of fun." Christina grinned, "Britney's got beautiful lips...and I'm not talking about the ones she lip synchs with."

JC came bounding into the kitchen, way too hyper for eight in the morning. "Hey, guys!"

"Oh, hey, Jace...where's Justin?" Christina watched JC get out a tray and put two bowls, milk, and spoons on it.

"Waiting for me." JC picked up the tray and nodded towards the cupboard, "Get me out the Cheerios, will you?"

Christina obediently went to the cupboard and got the cereal, tucking the box under JC's arm, "You really should've joined us last night. It was great."

"Yhea, you and that snot-nosed punk boyfriend of yours don't know what you're missing." Lance said.

JC shrugged, "We do fine. Besides, I'd be too afraid I'd end up with one of the girls." JC grinned at Christina, "No offense, but you know, I gotta protect my throat. Can't single-handedly carry Nsync with hair balls messing up my voice."

Christina rolled her eyes, "Whatever."

"Single-handedly?" Lance raised an eyebrow.

"Sorry," JC quickly amended, "Almost single-handedly."

Lance smiled.

"I mean, what would I do without Justin?" JC grinned.

Lance threw the salt-shaker at JC, but missed. JC ran from the room laughing.

"God, he can be really annoying." Christina complained, "He thinks he and Justin are so much better than everyone else."

"Yhea, he can be a jerk." Lance admitted, "But I gotta say...JC's got one tight ass."


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