Date: April 8 2001

Words: I love Joe the Landlord, angina sounds like a dirty word, gastroplasty, toll bridge, blue balls, cockolate, suck my nose, George W. Bush is sexy

* ** * ** *

Shakespear in Hate
by Cody and Bagwan

* ** * ** *

"So, Joe, what are you gonna be for Halloween?" Lance asked Joey, picking a wedgie.

"I'm gonna be an angina"

"Angina sounds like a dirty word." Lance sniffed his fingers.

Joey licked Lance's fingers and said, "Watching you sniff your fingers gives me blue balls."

"You should be George W Bush for Halloween," Lance suggested, "George W Bush is sexy."

Chris farted.

"Your farts smell like cockolate." Joey complained.

"What's cockolate?" JC asked.

"Cockolate? Like JC sucks my cockolate?" Justin guessed.

"Yhea, he does!" Lance agreed.

"Maybe I'll be a toll bridge money-collector...or a Landlord." Joey deliberated.

"I love Joey the Landlord!" Lance cried, "He's sexier than George W Bush!"

"NO ONE is sexier than George W Bush." Joey glared at Lance, "No one."

"JC is sexier than both of them." Justin bitchslapped Joey.

"Suck my nose!" Joey retorted, then threw a blender full of condoms against the wall in an act of pure animal rage.

"Oh my god." Chris gasped.

"Why did I have to join this fucking group?" Lance started crying like a scared baby girl, "You sick, twisted fucks! I should've gone into gastroplasty!"

"What's gastroplasty?" Justin asked.

"I don't know!" Lance screamed, "I DON'T KNOW. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"It sounds cool." JC grabbed his crotch. And Justin's.

"That's it, I'm going to kill Chris!" Joey decided, picking up a hammer. He went to Chris and bashed in his tiny, leprechaun head.

"Good bye, Chris!" Lance sang gleefully.

"More like Good Riddance." JC corrected. Then grabbed Justin's crotch again.


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