MTV Icon Tribute

That tribute they did was awesome. They sounded incredible. I actually liked it better than the original, no offense to Ms. Jackson.

Damn, Justin is FUCKING FINE. Leather is that boy's best friend. As much as I miss the fro, I gotta say he's working the Sinead look.

JC looked fucking fine as shit, too, but I wasn't too thrilled with his hair. It was cool, but...I don't know...floppy. I liked his Grammy hair better.

Damn, I'm sitting here discussing hair styles. I'm turning into a girl. NSYNC is turning me into a GIRL!!!

But how perfect was it hearing Justin sing, "Oh, baby, don't stop, don't stop. Go deeper, baby, deeper. You feel so good I'm gonna cry"?! Does he not realize how BLATANTLY HOMOSEXUAL it is for him to sing that?! I LOVED IT. I was like "Oh, baby, I'll go deeper, all right!" Ahh, okay, I'm a perv. He was singing to JC. He really was. I promise.

I know some of you insist he sang, "*I'll* go deeper," but I prefer to live happily in my delusions. In CodyWorld, that was as good as him wearing a rainbow jumpsuit and twirling one of those little batons with streamers on it in a Gay Pride parade.

I just wish they would've done the whole song, and made it a single, and released it, so I could sit and listen to it until my CD player short-circuited. Instead, I downloaded it off of Napster and put it on repeat. God, I need help. Badly.