"With A Little Help From My Friends"
Part One: "A Delicious Sort of Torment" CONT.

by Cody

* ** * **

Justin eased the door open slowly. He didn't want to wake up JC. "I'm up." The voice startled Justin and he jumped a little.

"Hey," Justin grinned at how gorgeous JC looked in a wifebeater and boxers, sitting on his bed, holding the remote. A rerun of Three's Company was on TV. "What're you doing up?"

Waiting for you. JC thought, but said, "Nothing. Watching TV." JC couldn't help but discreetly admire Justin as he took off his shirt and pants and left them in a heap by his bed. Justin went to the bathroom in just his boxers to brush his teeth. "Did you and Britney have fun?" JC blurted, then silently scolded himself for the coldness in his voice.

"I guess. We just talked." Justin answered, turning off the bathroom light and making his way to his bed in the dark.

"What did you talk about?" JC couldn't help but pry, feeling jealous and angry at himself for feeling that way.

"Uh..." Justin blushed, but he was saved from having to make up a lie by a knock at the door. He jumped up eagerly to get it. "Who is it?" he called. No answer. "Who is it?" he tried again, his hand hovering above the knob, waiting for an answer.

"It's us. Open up." Chris replied.

"What do you want?" Justin spoke through the door.

"Just open the damn door, Curly!" Chris yelled, "We have a present for you." Muffled laughter. Knowing he probably shouldn't, Justin opened the door. Joey and Chris burst in, toting giant Super Soaker water guns. They soaked Justin.

"ASSHOLES!" Justin screamed, diving to tackle Joey. Chris turned his watery wraith on JC, who was still on his bed. JC yelped and dove at Chris. Justin and JC overpowered their attackers, wrestling the water guns away and spraying them. "Get the hell out!" Justin boomed as he and JC soaked their friends vengefully.

"Ahhh!" Chris and Joey laughed and screamed, running out the door. Justin kicked it closed behind them.

"This isn't over! We'll strike again!" Chris threatened as they retreated. "You may have won the battle, but-- "

"Shut the hell up!" Justin yelled, laughing. He turned to JC, who had fallen back onto his now wet bed, cracking up. "Hey, you're bed is soaking wet."

"Yhea, I noticed. "JC grinned, "Jackasses." His breath caught as he noticed how Justin's wet boxers were clinging to his skin, water trickling down his chiseled chest. DAMN! he thought lustfully. Little did he know, Justin was thinking similar sentiments of JC's current state of undress.

Justin went to his suitcase and pulled out a towel and a new pair of boxers. He got a towel and boxers for JC out of the dresser. He rarely bothered to unpack, but JC always did. "Here," Justin tossed his friend his things, and then turned away to change. JC followed suit, and when they were dressed and dry they faced each other.

"Uh..." Justin cleared his throat, holding the towel infront of himself to hide the semi-erection. "You can sleep with me if you want." He blushed as he realized what he'd said, "In my bed, I mean. Since yours is wet."

"Sure. Thanks." JC clicked off the tv, thankful of the darkness that hid his excitement a the prospect of sharing a bed with a nearly naked Justin. They slid into bed and laid on their sides, facing opposite directions. Despite himself, JC fell asleep rather quickly. Justin laid in the dark, listening to JC breathe. Justin's hand drifted down to his own crotch and held his hard on. I can't do this. Not with him in the bed. he told himself. But that was the whole reason he wanted to so badly. JC rolled over in his sleep and snuggled up to Justin, pressing close. Justin inhaled sharply as he felt JC's erection press into his ass. JC moaned in his sleep and Justin's grip on his erection tightened.

He jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, closing the door behind him but not bothering to turn on the light. He kneeled in front of the toilet and reached into his boxers to free his pulsating cock. He pumped his shaft quickly, shutting his eyes tight and biting his lip to keep from moaning. He could still feel JC pressing against him, and the thought that perhaps JC was dreaming of him was enough to make him cum all over his hand. He rested his arm against the toilet and pressed his forehead to his arm, breathing hard.

After taking a few moments to recover, he stood up, flushed the toilet, and washed his hands and face. He sighed, wiping himself dry. Maybe now he'd be able to fall asleep. He slipped back into bed, careful not to touch or even look at JC, and fell gratefully into sleep.

* ** * ** *

Dream JC squeezed Dream Justin closer to him, nuzzled his neck. Dream JC breathed in Dream Justin's intoxicating scent as he pressed his lips onto his smooth skin. Dream Justin sighed appreciatively at the kiss, and Dream JC licked his neck.

The contact of real tongue on real neck woke JC up with a start. He opened his eyes and found he was snuggled up to Justin, the spot where he'd just licked his neck was wet. Justin moaned in his sleep and rubbed the thigh of the leg JC had wrapped around him. JC was too shocked to move.

In their sleep they had turned towards each other and entwined. JC could feel Justin's morning wood pressing against his own, which made JC even harder. JC's breath on Justin's wet neck caused him to slide his hand up JC's thigh, over his ass, up his back, and into his brown hair. Justin's fingers wove through the silky strands, and he pulled JC's head back down to his neck.

In a daze, JC opened his mouth and dragged his tongue slowly over Justin's neck. He wanted to suck, to leave his mark on the beautiful, smooth skin. The encouraging moan that came from the gorgeous man in his embrace shook JC out of the daze. I'm taking advantage of him, JC realized, Taking advantage of my best friend. I canít do this.

Although is seemed to take more will power than anything he'd ever done before, he slowly extracted himself from the heaven of Justin's touch, placing his pillow in his stead. The replacement didn't work. As JC stared at him, he began to stir. Justin awoke, frowning in sleepy confusion.

His frown melted when he saw JC. "Hey," he smiled.

"Hey," JC whispered, then turned and fled to the bathroom before Justin noticed JC's erection. JC looked at his flushed, bewildered reflection. He was so hard that he knew he couldn't just will his erection away, like he usually did when he popped an inconvenient boner. Knowing Justin was sporting a hard-on in the bed just outside the door was the last straw for JC. He turned on the shower and stripped off his boxers.

He stepped in and spread his legs, pressing one hand against the wall in front of him and leaning into it. His head dropped down and his eyes shut as he wrapped his other hand around his cock, moaning softly. He stroked slowly, tenderly, recalling every nuance of Justin's beautiful face and body. The way he smiled, the sound of his laughter. His smile... his lips... his laughter... the way he'd moaned when JC had licked his neck. His hand sped up progressively as he thought of the taste of that smooth skin, the heat, the scent... the strong arms wrapped around him, the muscular legs entwined with his... the chiseled chest... the hard-on rubbing against his own...the soft look of lust on that exquisite face... JC gasped as he came hard, leaving him light-headed. He watched the water wash his cum down the drain as his breathing evened.

When it was all gone, he reached for the shampoo. As long as I'm in here, might as well take a shower. He smiled ruefully to himself.

* ** * ** *

Justin felt himself waking up and frowned. He knew he was waking up because something had changed, but he didn't know what. He opened his eyes and saw JC. "Hey," Justin greeted him sleepily, smiling.

"Hey," JC whispered, then turned and went to the bathroom. The door slammed closed behind him, not angrily, but quickly. The noise startled Justin into full awareness.

He noticed he was holding JC's pillow. "What the hell?" he mumbled, releasing it and sitting up, his morning wood straining against the thin cloth of his boxers. "Oh, shit," Justin blushed furiously, realizing why JC had run into the bathroom so quickly and why he'd woken up holding a pillow. I must've poked JC with my wood! That's why he couldn't wait to get way from me. I must've hugged him in my sleep, and when he felt my hard-on he tried to get away without waking me up and embarassing me. Embarrassment flooded over Justin, but it was soon replaced with fear. What if I was talking in my sleep and said something? Maybe he knows, maybe that's why he ran off!

Justin heard the shower start. He got out of bed and scrambled into the clothes he's worn the night before. He threw everything he'd need to get ready in a duffel bag and grabbed his cell. He left the room quietly, headed to the elevator, and rode down one floor. He became more anxious by the second and by the time he reached Britney's door he was running. He pounded on it twice and waited impatiently for her to open up. Just as he was lifting his fist to pound again, Britney flung the door open, looking frazzled. "What's going on?!" she asked anxiously.

He laughed despite himself. She had her hair wrapped around large curlers, and eyeshadow was only applied to one eyelid. "Did I catch you at a bad time?" He asked, tossing his duffel bag and cell on her bed.

"Damn it, Justin!" she slapped his arm, her anxiety melting into anger, "Why'd you pound on the door like that? You scared me!"

"Sorry," Justin apologized, pushing past her and heading for the bathroom. "Mind if I use your shower?"

"Actually, I was--" Britney was cut off by the bathroom door shutting in her face. "Justin!" she yelled, "I was putting on my make up!"

"You don't need any, you look better without it!" Justin yelled back, pulling off his clothes and starting the shower.

"Justin--" Britney started, but stopped when the bathroom door opened and an arm appeared holding her make up bag. She snatched it and warned, "You better have a good excuse for all this!"

The arm retreated and the door shut. Britney sighed and went to use the mirror above her dresser to apply her make up.

* ** * ** *

JC had spent twenty minutes in the shower, doing everything twice just to waste time. He'd shaved carefully; blow-dried and styled his hair perfectly, brushed each tooth separately, and carefully examined his complexion. The good news was his skin was blemish-free. The bad news was that he's been in the bathroom for over an hour and had to come out. He gathered up the nerve to open the bathroom door only to find the hotel room empty. His shoulders sagged from relief, but then tensed at a realization. Justin knows I took advantage of him! Wait, no. How could he know? He was asleep. That's the whole reason why it was so wrong for me to, to lick him...Oh, God, he must've heard me jacking off in the shower! JC nearly died; mortified. Oh, God, that is so embarassing! He's probably off laughing about it with the others!

JC dressed quickly, pulling on khakis and a wifebeater. They had dance rehearsal first thing so there was no use in spending time picking out an outfit. A knock came at the door. He looked at the door but didn't move. Another knock.

"Hey, open up!" It was Lance. Thank God. JC thought as went to open the door.

"Hey, uh, what's up?" JC asked, waiting to see if Lance knew about him in the shower.

"We have to be out the door in ten minutes!" Lance told him.

"Well, I'm ready." JC grabbed his cell and slid his wallet into his back pocket.

"Where's Justin?" Lance asked, noticing the bathroom door was open and the light was off.

"I thought he was with you and Joey," JC was surprised at the question.

"No," Lance shook his head, "Maybe he's in Chris's room."

"Let's go check," JC said, slipping on a denim jacket as they went to find Justin.

* ** * ** *

When the shower stopped the arm reached out of the bathroom door again, this time so that Britney could hand him his duffel bag. "So, why'd you come busting in here at seven in the morning?" she asked him through the door.

After a minute, it opened and she saw Justin smiling sheepishly at her, "Sorry about that. It was an emergency."

"What type of emergency?" Britney closed the toilet and sat on the lid, watching Justin carefully mousse his curls.

"I think JC knows." Justin said simply.

"How could he know?" Britney's eyes were wide with shock.

"I think I was talking in my sleep or something." Justin didn't want to tell her about how he might've poked JC with his morning wood. That's sharing a little too much. he decided.

"Well, what did he say?" she demanded.

"Nothing." Justin checked out his fro from different angles, trying to see the back of his head.

"Then how do you know he knows?" Britney was now relaxing a little.

"I don't." Justin admitted, "I just think he does!"

"You're probably just being paranoid." She told him, and she heard a cell ring. "Is that mine or yours?" she asked as she went to answer it.

"I don't know," Justin called to her, reaching for his toothbrush.

"It's yours," she picked up the cell.

"Well, answer it." He replied, his words muffled by the toothbrush in his mouth.

She punched a button and put the phone to her ear, "Hello?"

* ** * ** *

"He's not here." Chris told Lance and JC. "I haven't seen him since dinner last night."

"I'll call his cell," JC volunteered, turning on his own cell and pressing number one on his speed dial. He listened to the familiar series of beeps and then the ringing. On the third ring someone answered. Someone female.

JC didn't respond at first. "Hello?" the voice repeated.

"Uh, hi." He said, "Is Justin there?"

"JC?" the voice asked. It was Britney.

"Yhea," he tried not to sound anything but indifferent to hear her pick up Justin's phone. "Can I talk to Justin?"

"Um, he's kind of...indisposed at the moment," she giggled, "Can I take a message?... Wait!...Ah! Okay, here--" she was cut off.

"Hello?" Justin's voice, he sounded out of breath. JC was so full of jealousy he couldn't even talk. Indisposed? What the hell was that supposed to mean? His heart wrenched as he though of a few possible definitions. "Hello?" Justin's voice sounded...Anxious? Eager?

"Uh, hey," JC recovered, "We have to leave in a few minutes. Rehearsal."

"I know. I got dressed in Britney's room. I'm ready to go." Justin looked at his watch. "I'll be right up."

"Okay." JC paused, waiting for Justin to say something about this morning, to tease him about jacking off in the shower.

"Is that all?" Justin asked.

"Um...yhea. See you in a few." JC replied, relieved, and hung up.

* ** * ** *

"Hello?" Britney repeated.

"Uh, hi," a man answered. She recognized the voice. "Is Justin there?"

"JC?" she asked. Justin looked over at her at the name, hurrying to finish brushing his teeth.

"Yhea. Can I talk to Justin?" JC asked. "Um, he's kind of... indisposed at the moment," Britney giggled, watching Justin scramble to wash out his mouth and wipe his face dry. Justin ran towards her, reaching for the phone. "Can I take a message?" She backed out of Justin's reach, grinning at him. "Wait!...Ah! Okay, here--" she surrendered as he wrestled the phone away from her.

"Hello?" Justin asked breathlessly. The conversation continued and when he hung up he turned to Britney, who was looking at him expectanly.

"So, do you think he knows?" she asked, dropping things into her purse.

"I don't think so." Justin answered slowly, "He sounded normal, maybe a little pissed, but that's probably cause I didn't tell him where I was going or leave a note." He pecked Britney's cheek as he made his way to the door, "I've got to run, we're leaving in a few minutes."

"I've got to go myself," Britney glanced at her watch, "I've got a breakfast interview with Elle magazine." She remembered something, "Oh, hey! You left this here last night," she tossed him his denim jacket.

"Thanks! See you later!" he called over his shoulder, shrugging into the jacket as he left.

"Aww! How cuuute! You two are twinkies!" Chris cooed as JC blushed. Justin had dressed in a pair of khakis and a wifebeater for rehearsal, and with the denim jacket he had left in Britney's room, he and JC were wearing identical ensembles. Justin couldn't help but grin at the coincidence. JC returned the grin full-force, his blush fading.

"Who copied who?" Joey wondered aloud.

"The question isn't who copied who, it's who looks better?" Chris ribbed JC, "What do you think, C? We all know Justin thinks he looks better. What about you?"

"Hey!" Justin protested, laughing, "I never said that!"

"So you think JC looks better?" Chris demanded.

"Well, I never said that, either..." Justin joked. They all laughed. The teasing had been non-stop during the entire trip from the hotel to the dance studio, but both men were enjoying it. It gave them a chance to check each other out freely. When they'd first settled into the limo, they'd shared a smile and Justin had wrapped his arm around JC's shoulders, boasting, "Great minds think alike!"

To which Chris replied, "If by 'great' you mean 'retarded', then I agree." Neither man bothered to reply, Justin just squeezed JC's shoulder. The lack of response made Chris lose interest, and he and Joey hooked up their Gameboys and played against each other. Lance was, as usual, on his cell.

I'm glad we're atleast friends, Justin thought, reveling in the feeling of JC's nearness, So I can touch him like this, and it's okay. If he ever knew...it would ruin everything. The idea saddened him and he pulled his arm away, turning to look out the window.

JC almost sighed from disappointment when Justin removed his arm from around his shoulders, but JC stopped himself, I hardly need anymore excitement concerning Justin today, anyway. The scene from earlier flashing through his head for the millionth time, Waking up in Justin's arms, I'll never forget how perfect that was... It had felt so right. JC wondered what he had wondered countless times before: should he tell Justin about his feelings? Every time they shared a tender moment, JC was tempted to just blurt out a declaration of love, but he knew there was too much to lose if his feelings were unreciprocated. He was sleeping, he doesn't even know what happened. he reminded himself, He's straight. He's with Britney. Somehow, even as he thought the words, they didn't ring true. He knew that Justin and Britney were together, he got jealous of them, but the relationship just never really registered. I know that Britney loves Justin, you can see it in her eyes. How could she not? How could anyone not love Justin? But, does he love her? He looks at her with tenderness and trust, but not...I canít put my finger on it, Itís not just without lust, there's a whole other element missing. JC mulled over his thoughts, unconciously studying Justin as he stared out the window. To JC, their identical outfits seemed like fate's way of telling them they were made for each other. I'm so corny! JC let a goofy grin spread across his face. Justin turned towards him suddenly, and smiled at JC's grin. "What?" Justin asked.

"Nothing," JC shrugged, "Just...in a good mood." JC impulsively put his arm around Justin. Justin's smile grew, but he didn't say anything, he just looked into JC's eyes intently, as though he was waiting for something. JC leaned towards Justin, his eyes on the perfect pink lips that were always on his mind...

* ** * ** *

JC leaned towards Justin, his eyes on the perfect pink lips that were always on his mind... and at that moment the limo stopped. The halted movement brought JC back to reality, and he

quickly exited the car. Joey, Lance, and Chris followed him, leaving Justin sitting in the limo alone.

"Come on, Curly!" Lance called, "Shake a leg!"

* ** * ** *

Justin got out of the limo and followed everyone to the rehearsal studio. He discarded his jacket and began to stretch, feeling disconcerted. Did I imagine that, or was JC about to kiss me in the limo? he looked over JC, who had taken off his jacket, too, and was warming up. I can't risk letting him know how I feel, but if he was about to kiss me... Justin couldn't believe he was even entertaining the thought, It's probably all in my head, but still, if he was about to kiss me...If...I want to encourage him. I'll just be discreet. Justin decided, going to his place between JC and Chris. "Hey," he greeted JC.

"Hey." JC didn't look at him, he kept his eyes on his reflection in the mirrored wall in front of them as he went through his stretches.

"So..." Justin searched his mind for something to say, anything to get a conversation going, as he copied JC's movements. "Wanna go clubbing tonight?" It was the first thing that popped into his mind, and he just said it.

"Uh...sure." JC muttered, still not looking at Justin. JC was in shock that he had almost kissed Justin, infront of the whole band, no less. At least no one noticed, he comforted himself, Especially Justin.

"What are you twinkies talking about?" Chris's voice interrupted JC's thoughts.

"Uh, wanna go clubbing tonight" Justin asked Chris, hoping he'd say no. Truthfully, Justin didn't want to go clubbing at all, he wanted to stay in and watch tv with JC. Anything, as long as he was in a place where he could be near JC and get lost in his thoughts. At a club JC might pick up some woman. The thought made Justin a little sick.

What Justin didn't know was that JC hadn't "been" with a woman since he'd become attracted to Justin, which had been almost four years ago. He'd dated since, but it was never physical. His girlfriends were just for show, though they never knew it. They would date JC for a while, become upset that he didn't show any physical or even emotional affection, and dump him. JC never really minded, but he always felt mildly guilty for leading the girls on.

"--completely insane?!" Justin realized Chris was talking to him, and he pushed the thought of JC picking up a woman out of his mind. "We're about to dance non-stop for the next six hours! There's no way I'm going clubbing tonight!"

"Uh, yhea," Justin quickly agreed, "Me neither."

"It was your idea." JC reminded him, confused.

"Yhea, I know. I didn't realize..." Justin trailed off as Wade, their choreographer, entered the room.

* ** * ** *

"Okay, that's it for today. Lance, work on...everything." Wade grinned as Lance made a face. "Joey, work on Bye, Chris work on Gonna Be, JC-- good work, and, of course, my magnificent Justin," Wade wrapped an arm around Justin's waist, "The only tip I have for you is: don't mess with perfection."

"Well, what can I say?" Justin laughed, pulling out of Wade's grip. Justin didnít notice the way JC was glaring at the scene, but Lance did.

Jealous of Justin? Lance wondered erroneously, That's not like JC. Sure, Justin's always getting praised, but it's not his fault he's good at everything. Justin moved away from Wade to get some water, but JC kept glaring at the young choreographer. Wait a second, Lance realized, He's not glaring at Justin, he's glaring at Wade! What'd Wade do? The bass didn't have long to think about it, though. The thought flew out of his mind as he felt someone grab onto his underwear and yank up. He yelped in pain and turned around to see Chris grinning evilly. "JERK!" Lance cried, charging. Chris ran to seek refuge behind Joey.

"Uh-uh! You're on your own!" Joey laughed, pushing Chris towards Lance, "Remember that stewardess story last night? Well, payback's a bitch!" Lance tackled Chris, who grabbed Joey's arm on his way down. They all fell into a wresting mass on the floor.

JC and Justin shared a grin over the antics of their group mates. JC felt his heart and cock jump at the sight of Justin, all sweaty, emptying a bottle of water over his face and chest. Justin stripped off his wifebeater and wiped his face. "Here," JC offered him a towel.

"Thanks," Justin smiled flirtatiously, taking it and keeping his eyes on JC's as he ran it over his chest. JC gulped. Justin screwed up his nerve and plucked at JC's wife beater. "Take this off." He suggested.

"Wh- huh?" JC stuttered, confused. Is Justin flirting with me?

"So we can be twinkies." Justin explained. "I took off my shirt, " he held up his wet wife beater.

"Uh..." JC was like a deer caught in headlights. One thought echoed through his mind: Is Justin flirting with me?!

Justin flushed when JC didnít say or do anything. "Nevermind." He mumbled quickly, turning and walking towards the first person he saw, which happened to be Wade.

"Hey, sexy." Wade greeted Justin eagerly.

"Uh, hey," Justin answered distractedly.

"You look a little flushed." Wade noted.

"Hmm? Yhea, I'm just tired." Justin lied. I can't believe I thought JC was gonna kiss me in the limo. I can't believe I actually thought he could be interested in me. I really can't believe I made such an ass of myself just now. I told him to take off his shirt and he looked at me like I was crazy! I can't believe I'm such an idiot! He wanted to scream in frustration and embarassment.

"Earth to Justin!" Wade waved a hand in front of Justin's face. Wade slapped Justin's face lightly, "Slap out of it."

"Oh, sorry," Justin tore himself away from his self- deprecating thoughts, "What were you saying?"

"I said your little girlfriend is gonna be wearing a g-string during her performance. Well, not a real g-string, but it'll look like she is."

"Really? Britney?" Justin grinned at the idea, finding it funny.

"Yhea," Wade stepped closer to Justin, casting a hungry look over Justin's bare torso, "bet you like that, huh, J? Does that turn you on?" He reached out and trailed a finger down Justin's chest.

* ** * ** *

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