"You know, some of these stories are pretty good.
I never knew mice lived such interesting lives."
--Homer Simpson

Warning: This isn't the "Ass Kissing Section". These stories aren't necessarily here because I think they're great. Some of them are, and some of them are here because I think they're good, or passable, or fucking horrible, but all of them I would recommend. Because badfic is fun, and because good and passable ones can have interesting elements that are worth reading. The blurbs under each rec can give you a little direction towards the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm separating the creme de la creme, but I'm not going to divide the rest into sections of "Pretty Good", "Not Bad", and "Hilariously Awful" because there is a difference between being blunt and being rude. If a blurb implies that a story sucks and that makes you mad, get fucking over it. These are my opinions on my own webpage and if you don't like them then eat a dick.

Note: Great/Good stories listed are from authors who have only written one JC/Justin story, my favorite JuC writers have their entire pages rec'd on my Good Shit page. Other interesting places are linked on my Other Shit page.

Know of a must-read I haven't listed? Send a link to me!

Some Must-Reads (in no particular order)

JC Deflowers The Boy by Alestar
Justin Turns 21. Great characterization of JC, funny dialouge, and Irresistable!Bratty!Justin. What more do you want?

Phase by Lunec
It's JC's birthday and he gets it all: Great characterization. Hilarity. GhettoFabulous!Justin. The hypothetical headline "It's Gun-na Be Me!"

The Bitch by Betty Plotnick
Prison!AU, which shouldn't kick ass, but does. Just. Fucking. Awesome.

Childish by Giddy Geek
Great Justin characterization. And I think Frankie Muniz is living in the swimming pool.

Constant by Cristen
It's not about Grand Romance, but it is a Great Love story. Very subtle and real.

Glued to the Ground by Hetre Z
A JC that quotes Socrates, wonders if pillows fly, and dreams about man-eating mechanical bulls, plus a random-trivia-spouting Justin...You're not reading it yet?

Pretty by Willa
Technically JC/Lance, but with a great JC-lusts-after-Justin-because-everyone-lusts-after-Justin side story. And I'm a sucker for those, when they're written well.

As I Am a Cowboy and You Are Imaginary by Crystal Rose
An AU self-described as "The Fast and the Furious" meets "Grand Theft Auto III". That about sums it up. Here for its plot.

Forking Timberlake by Anna
Forking HILARIOUS and cracked-out. Made me laugh.

Somnabulist by SarahQ
Surreal, original, hot. Just read it.

Talliswood by Tarowen
An AU wherein Justin's a sylph and JC's an elf.

The Spider Story by maggie
the answer to: "What if Kafka liked boybands?" Creepy, with a pitch-perfect tone.

Come One, Come All by Dacey
A JuC-flavored GSF. A broken heater on a winter's night in Germany. What are five cold boys in one hotel room to do?

wheels keep turning turning by maggie
Chris POV. He's waiting for the pretty boys to get a clue. I love the characterizations.

ManDate by Linda
An AU wherein JC reluctantly takes part in a gay gameshow and wins a date with Justin. Funny and sexy; a pleasurable read.

The Little Dustbuster That Could by Pen
Justin's convinced JC's stalking him. Clever, funny and well done.

The Rest

Age: 19 by brokenjaw
There's Britney, and it's not pretty. Oh, and Joey, and also not pretty. But there's some very pretty Justin and JC to make up for it, and Great characterization of Justin, complete with snarky thoughts.

Two Blow Jobs and a White Virgin by Blackcoffee
To be brutally honest, I don't know why I like this story. I don't like all of it. But there's just something about the characterization of Justin I dig in this unflinching AU.

Coffee and Love by Sheherazade
Brush after reading this to prevent cavities.

Beyond Reproach by Lily
A trickyfish AU, but with a cute JuC sidestory.

Rebel Without A Clue by Lois
A funny little thing based on that Alicia Silverstone movie "Clueless".

Pretty Pictures by Alexandria
This story is effective if nothing else. Death!fic, which usually isn't my cup of tea, but like I said, I must give props for it being a fic that evokes emotion.

Certainty by Cristen
Reads more like the synopsis of a good fic rather than an actual fic. Not developed but a nice scenario. Leaves me with the impression that the author didn't really feel like writing this story, but had a good plot she wanted to get out. It's enjoyable despite. AU

What's Right by Nyneave
A story with a moral about speaking your heart or something; I kind of got distracted by the Nakie!Justin.

Memory by Emmy
Just a nice little peice.

Truth or Truth by Emmy
JC and Justin at a beach house. What's not to like?

Live From Tokyo by Jawamonkey
JC rambles, and Justin's an ass, and they like sex.

The Island by Gizy (who is a great sport)
An AU where Justin turns into a horse. I think my favorite part is that JC flirts with the horse before he even knows. I'm sorry, but if that's not great...nothing is!

Trajectory by Stacia
Who doesn't like Young,Gay,and Proud!Justin? I mean, really. He's so much fun.

Best to be a Man by Chased Amy
A story in which they are with everyone except each other, and yet it's still a nice study of a relationship and a love. A JC characterization that rings honest.

Don't Know What You Got by Kitty E.
Everyone likes stories where people learned to be appreciative.

Zanzibar by jksladder
Popslash meets National Geographic. Interesting and enjoyable. It's InternationalRunaway!Justin and Slutty!JC.

Being Deaf and In Love by Ashley G.
An AU that boasts the lines: Who said deaf people can't kiss?, Why you kiss your student?, He finally heard the sound of "love". Plus, all of the dialogue is written in deaf-speech! They have baby blue hearing aides! And oh, so much more!

Not Wanted by Ms. G
The HangerAbortion!fic: Infamous for a Reason. AU, thank god.

Silicone and Fibre Optics by Michelle
Have you ever seen the movie A.I.? JC's a sex robot. Justin's kind of a jerk. You're thinking, "How is that an AU?" But it's set in the future! Tragic stuff happens! *mpreg, sex robots, oppressive government, returning ex-lovers: this one's got 'em all!

Roomates by Nikka Chavez
An AU where JC and Justin are just friends. Kind of. Extremely cute and funny. But where the fuck are they living, where rent's eighty bucks a month?!

Race Wars by Firestar (Although mislabeled a WIP, this story is complete at 13 chapters)
Joey's an undercover cop and Justin's his hot little brother. JC is the king of the Underground Racing World that moonlights as a drug dealer. Sex! Guns! Drugs! An AU set in a world where JC is the strongest, sexiest 110 lb. evil genius evah!

The Masterpiece by Sariah
A Photographer!JC/Model!Justin AU. There can never be too many.

In Your Shoes by Red
An old skool AR joint. Justin and JC switch bodies.

Standing on Tiptoe by val
MMC Justin. The characterization is "young" for how I imagine Justin at 12/13, but the Justin/Lynn dynamic is so sweet it'll make you barf a little. in a good way.

Something to Say by LC
A lot hotel room in Mexico. There's no AC, but there's plenty of hot sex.

The River in Front by Crystal Rose
Highschool AU. I don't really buy JC as the most popular kid in school and Justin as his dorky admirer; it would've been more convincing the other way around, but it's a fun read.

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