by Cody

Hypothermia, JC thought, tucking his arms into his t-shirt and hugging himself. What a way to go.

Here was death, he was certain. Teetering on the edge of a cliff in Antarctica. "Tell Mama I loved her," he whispered to no one in particular, trying to remember the day he was born so his life could begin that final slideshow. "Tell Pa I was a hardworkin' man."

"What are you saying?" Justin's voice was sleepy, annoyed, maybe just a teeny bit amused.

"Nothin'." JC leaned back as Justin rolled over from facing the wall to look at him, because god forbid touching.

"Go to sleep." Justin flung the covers over JC. "Why you hanging off the bed like that?"

"I didn't want to accidentally touch you or anything," JC sniffed, pushing the blankets off. "I'll just freeze over here on this tiny sliver of the bed. 'sgood enough for the likes of me."

Justin sighed. "God, you're freakin' nuts. Go to sleep."

"Maybe I'll shiver myself to sleep…or pass out." JC scooted farther away, his ass and feet in the air now, balancing precariously and thisclose to falling off the mattress.

"You could always sleep on the futon like you're supposed to," Justin reminded him. "That's why my mom made it up, you know. She didn't do it for her health."

JC didn't even bother casting a disdainful glance in the direction of the futon. He'd abandoned it as soon as Justin had turned the lights off and slid into bed. "Why don't I just sleep in the yard?" JC said. "Tomorrow's trash day, right?"

"Okay, look, it's," Justin lifted his head to see the alarm clock on the nightstand. "fucking two in the morning. Please, for the love of all that's holy, sleep."

JC stayed silent. Justin closed his eyes in relief; he knew that his little brothers would wake them up early to play. He had a long day of cramming in as much quality time with his family as humanly possible ahead of him. All he wanted was some fucking rest.

"Why do you hate me?"

Justin groaned, rolled onto his back and slapped his hand to his forehead, dragging it over his face in exasperation. "I don't hate you. Yet. I might start if you don't shut up."

"You do hate me." JC pushed the side of his face into his pillow, squeezed his eyes shut in a pitiful grimace. "You think I'm ugly."

"You fucking suck." Justin slung an arm over JC's waist and hauled him across the bed, threw his leg over JC and kissed him shortly. "Better?"

"Mmm." JC's hands came out of the bottom of his shirt, tucked into the waistband of Justin's pajama pants. "You like me?"

Justin grabbed JC's hands. "Quit it. I told you already, not here."

"Everyone's asleep." JC tugged his hands away, matched Justin's scowl with his own. "You don't like me."

"I like you." Justin gasped when JC's hands slid over his crotch. "Don't. You know I don't feel comfortable doing that stuff in my parents' house."

"Who cares?" JC let Justin place his hands around Justin's back, waited until Justin thought it was safe and let go of his wrists, then slipped his hands into Justin's pants to cup his ass. "Makes it kind of exciting."

Justin snorted. "Sorry if I don't find the idea of my parents or my little brothers walking in on me having sex exciting. Must be something wrong with me."

"Come on, you don't like me?" JC rubbed his face into Justin's neck, licked it enticingly. "You don't want me?"

"JC…" Justin warned, but JC stopped his protests with a kiss, and then another kiss. Then a string of long, wet meetings of tongue and lips and Justin's hand was on JC's side now, rubbing gently. JC shifted to thrust his hips, murmuring nonsensical pleasure, but Justin pulled away. "No, JC. Not here."

"Not here. Not anywhere." Which was so untrue it was funny, because Justin was the kind of guy who thought a twenty minute lunch break and an empty broom closet at the studio was a golden opportunity. JC was just in the mood, and more than that, he wanted to see if he could get Justin to do it. Get over this little hang-up he had about sex in his family's house.

"You're right," Justin admitted. "I'm a prude."

"You are a prude," JC agreed readily. "I don't know why I waste my time on you. You're useless."

"You've got needs, damn it. You're a man."

"Exactly," JC nodded. "Only a man."

"How 'bout you be a good boy for me tonight and go to sleep, and when we get back to my place tomorrow night I'll suck your dick till your eyes pop out?" Justin was nothing if not reasonable.

"Well…" JC snuggled into Justin's heat, holding in a yawn. It was kind of late. And Justin's brothers got up by eight to watch cartoons. "If you insist."

"I do." Justin gave him a placating kiss, laughing a little. "You do this every time, you know that? What's your obsession with--"

"Shh," JC chided, pinching Justin's ass. "I'm trying to sleep."


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