Sitting In A Tree
by Cody

JC watched his hands, clasped tight around one of Justin's as he asked, "Are you nervous?"

He could feel Justin looking at him. "Are you?"

JC shrugged, bit his lip for a moment before saying, "I just… I mean, I know they'll be cool with it. I just hope they don't get mad we kept it from them for so long."

"We weren't ready to share us, that's our choice." Justin's mouth curved into a small, intimate smile. "Besides, I thought it was pretty cool, sneaking around and stuff… sexy."

"Oh, yhea?" JC smiled back. "Well then, maybe we should keep it going a little longer…"

"No, I want them to know." Justin's smile was gone in an instant; he looked both soft and serious. "If it wouldn't fuck so much up, I'd tell the whole world."

"Me too," JC sighed. "They're gonna tease the hell out of us, you know that, right?"

"Of course," Justin grinned. "I can't wait." He leaned in for a kiss.

They didn't hear the door open, didn't know anyone had come in until, "Whoa!"

"Shit." They broke apart hastily. JC said, "Chris, we--"

"Dude, I knew it! God, I'm good. I knew it!" He looked triumphant and not overly surprised.

JC's eyebrows lifted. "You knew?"

"Hell yhea I did. You gotta wake up pretty early in the morning to pull one over on Snakeyes Kirkpatrick."

JC looked at Justin for help. Justin said, like it was obvious, "Detective alter-ego."

"Ah…" JC nodded, turning back to Chris. "That's why we wanted to get together today, so we could tell you guys about us. If you have any questions or anything, if--"

The door swung open hard, hitting the wall, and there was Joey. "You guys, we bought food!"

Lance coming in behind him, "Make that I bought food."

Joey wasn't one to be bothered by details. "Well, I carried food in from Lance's car!"

"This is true. Good job, Fatone." Lance smacked his back approvingly before asking Justin and JC, "So what's going on?"

"Yhea." Joey dumped the bags he was carrying on the floor and plopped down on the loveseat. "Why'd you force us to come hang out with you losers?"

"We're discussing themes for the wedding. I vote for, Gay Means Happy: The Drag-stravaganza." Chris raised one hand in demonstration of his support. "I look great in a miniskirt."

Joey was confused. "Who's getting married?"

Chris pointed to Justin and JC excitedly. "They are!"

Lance's eyes bugged. "You are?"

So did Justin's. "We are?"

Chris threw his arms around them and squealed, "We're getting married!"

"No, we're not." JC shoved him away. "First of all: You? Shut up." He looked at Lance and Joey. "Second of all: No one is getting married. We're not- god, that's not even- you can't even do that. "

"Sure you can," Chris helped. "It's gotta be legal somewhere. Vermont, maybe? Frisco?"

"Shut up." JC shoved him again, harder, so he fell off the couch. "But, I mean." JC tried to garner his thoughts. "We wanted to like, I mean. Me and J are, you know. Like, we're…"

"Getting married!" Chris cooed happily.

"No." JC kicked him, then turned to Justin, giving up. "You talk."

Justin grinned at JC, laughing, and told Joey and Lance, "We're getting married."


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