God Hates Me....And He's Not The Only One.

"Ohhhh...I feel like chopping my head off everytime you update." --Lisa to me.

"Screw Cody and make me proud" --Aylex to Joie.

"You are so on my shit list." --Guin to Me.

"Aw, I miss the good old days..of sacreligous typos and rhinestones." --Ja gets nostalgic.

"You're such a punk. That's all I have to say.You. Punk." --excerpt from one of Joie's love letters to me.

"I bet you the Virgin Mary and Justin are best buds and they beatbox together in their spare time. She seems like she would be down with that." --The quote that made me write Just Say No: the Joie Remix.

"Jesus Christ, I want a fairy god mother to make this picture come to life!" --Guin kind of has a "thing" for Justin, incase you didn't know.

"You're gold baby...heading up to fuckin' platinum!" --Aylex strokes my "ego".

"If I have a stroke, you are not getting a THING in my will...got that?" --Ath to Me.

"Sheesh, are you TRYING to torture us? Or does it come naturally?" --Lynn on my fic.

"I don't think I've ever read a story that made me want to strangle both JC and Justin so badly." --Angel1313...was that a compliment?

"Damn. You know..if I knew you well enough, I'd be calling you all kinds of nasty names!" --Rae, making me glad she doesn't know me well enough.

"Cody, you don't know me, but I wanted to let you know you are a sick,twisted bastard. What kind of person gets Justin drunk and then refuses to post the rest? You will burn." --My favorite feedback I've ever recieved.

"I wanna write Justin's mama a thank-you note for making that fine peice of ass." --Me being courteous as usual.

"Cody is just pure evil." --Rae.

"I'm a dorkette." --China's a goofball, too.

"I'm thinking about putting a Justin sticker on my ass, going to school Monday and saying "I got Justin on my azz." --Brink, proving that some people need to have their sticker books confiscated.

"I like it. I have incredible taste. And since the world revolves around me that's all that matters." --Aylex, conceited? Never.

"I loved this! Well apart from the fact that I've been traumatized by Daddy and Dogface!" --Poor Red, I'll pay for half of your therapy.

Cody: Does that make sense? It's late. I can't tell.
Aylex: ha!
Guin: nothing you say makes sense, hon.
Lisa: lol
Red: lol!! i was about to say that too
--Get out of my head!!!

Aylex: Fill me with your hate!
Cody: It burns like fire!
--Some people get too excited about being Op-ed on mIRC.

"Justin sounds like sex." --China's late-night revelation.

"Ding! Ding! Ding! Who's dinging me? Are you guys fucking with my head?" --Coming soon to the SATs...Justin:Sexy as Lisa:Crazy.

"I picture you reading feedback with this evil laughter dripping out of your mouth, feet propped up on some pathetic minion, cigaweed in one hand trying to figure out more ways to leave us begging for more." --Aylex's thinly-veiled hatred of me rears its ugly head.

"Pirates...Ass Pirates?" --Me to Wax, having another meaningful conversation.

"Wanna hear a real shitfuckpiss discovery I just made?" --China, to a blushing sailor.

"Will everyone dress pretty for my funeral?" --Guin, making me scared to read her next update.

"If I didn't love you, I'd hate you." --Joie sweet talkin' me.

"You have no idea. Wait. Maybe you DO. Maybe this was your diabolical plan to get me immersed in them, and drive me over the edge of JuC belief." --China figured me out!

"Death is a far better fate than sex with Chris." --I got worried when Pen said I'd have a cameo in her story.

"Hahaha, I'm an idiot! And I'm laughing at myself!" --And so is everyone else, Joie.

"I love your dirty mind, baby." --Ja is a PERV.

"Yes, hate me! Hate me while you can!" --Wax's words of wisdom.

"You were in my head when I was in utero. Sippin' on my umbilical." --Me to Aylex, we go way back.

"Wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster." --Guin teaches us an old Clown Proverb.

"I get distracted and now I'm having cybersex?" --Rick gets digital.

"Why do you gotta punish me? It's Cody you want." --Aylex throws me to the wolves, er, clown.

"Wait, that isn't Joey's dick, that's Chris." --Joey's genitalia and Chris the Gremlin Leprechaun...am I the only one that sees the resemblance?

"Oh, son of a motherless goat! Too many typos in this stupid chapter. Did you know JC has a clock in his pants? I didn't, but there must be; Justin grabbed it." --Pen battles typo demons.

"If I were a lesbian I would so fuck you" --Names with held to protect the innocent. Hint: It was two Nasty Girls.

Cody: Ooh, lightning outside!
Rick: I hope one falls on you.
Cody: One what?
Rick: Bolt of lightning.
Cody: FALLS ON ME? You mean, hits me! lmao
Rick: Whatever. As long as you die.
--Rick's moving to Charlotte, Tx.

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