Idee Fixe: My Livejournal
    Nosy? You can read all my personal thoughts and ramblings. Oh, come on, you know you want to, you sick fuck.

    Lords of Hell Livejournal
    Don't pretend you don't fear our mighty wrath! I believe our hiatus has lasted longer than *Nsync's. But the lurve is strong like bull!

Bad Fan Art

    The Ass Pirate
    Q: Professor, what’s the word for pirate treasure?
    A: Why, I believe that would be…booty.


    Things That Suck
    A list of what makes badfic so bad.

    The Holy Trinity Theory
    Dedication: to Rick aka Superbitch. You're *not* the Fuckmaster. Warning: VERY SACRELIGIOUS. If you read this, you will go to hell. Seriously.

    MTV Icon Tribute

    My thoughts on the tribute Nsync did to Janet Jackson Dedication: to Dani, for remembering why she used to be all about Justin.

    The Blockbuster Awards 2001

    I talked to Aylex as I watched them, and here are my thoughts on what I saw.


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