Hall of Shame

Okay, look. Every writer sometimes writes pure crap. This is inevitable. If you think you've never done it, or think you know someone who has never done it, you're wrong and delusional. I refuse to pretend I'm all cool and try to hide my checkered past.

The thing is (here comes my lousy excuse), when I first got introduced to fanfic, it was really bad Days of Our Lives kind of stuff. So, you know, that's what I thought fanfic was. A lot of my early stuff is really...soapy. Then, as time went on, I became exposed to stories that didn't suck and I realized, Oh, hey, these things can actually be, you know. Non-sucky. Or...yhea. So, if you enjoy badfic, have fun! I don't take myself so seriously that I can't let people laugh at me. I was young; mistakes were made.


Trapped In Love
This is my first short story fanfic, so that's my excuse for why it sucks. I was just laying in bed at like 3 am and this story came to me. Shoulda just gone back to sleep. Disclaimer: Bullshit. Dedication: To Lisa, because the real question is: Why were you in the urination section in the first place?

Just Say No
Dedication: To Joie, Jesus may love you, but I don't.

Funny Face
Dedication: To Nik, for getting the job!!!


--With A Little Help From My Friends--

Oh, the angst! Oh, the hijinks! I enjoy that Lance is straight in this one. I did that at a friend's request. It's called fiction for a reason, right?

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